About US

MİKSAN METAL İŞLEME VE KALIP SANAYİ TİCARET, began to operate in its commercial life in istanbul in 1991.
Since its establishment, MİKSAN has been producing FAST CLAMPING SYSTEMS in various size and types, including its patented items.

Putting the major amount of its products into the domestic market, MIKSAN exports its products mainly to Europan countries, U.S.A. and the Middle East countries.
With its manufacturing and service quality MIKSAN is gaining the trust of consumers – especially in competative markets like Europe and U.S.A. – continues to raise its brand value with each passing day.

MIKSAN FAST CLAMPING SYSTEMS, provides sensitive, safe and fast operations among CNC machining centers, milling radial and drilling machines, presses, injection molding machines, lab machines, apparatures and binding procedures as well as requiring work aims to provide efficient use.

MIKSAN who adopted the main principle of customer satisfaction, as well as the quality of production, committed to meet the demands of national and international customers as soon as possible

The interest of our customers over the years who prefer the MIKSAN brand is a good example, that the definition of quality, trust and customer satisfaction is not only a catchphrase. This is a source of pride for MIKSAN.

With its long-standing experience Miksan, aims to continue its product range for the developing market conditions and needs in the next period to offer consumers a wider service.

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